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Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K ands off the fire kylie lip kit posie k packaging 360 video app off the child has been burned, a flash of fire and daughter in law. Jiang Xiaofeng looked Fang Xiumei one, said They can go Blue Fu said coldly leader promised to put you, have kept their promises, but that is the treatment of the good girl after the injury blue thing, head of the blue girl has not yet cured the injury, this commitment has not yet entered into force. Jiang Xiaofeng said In the next stay here, should I not good blue girl, for her life is. Blue Fu said coldly But you feel that Jin Chan step you will be able to live out of it Jiang Xiaofeng said There is no intention to escape the next, since I admitted to her medical injury, is cured of the natural to be able to go. HJ.C Blue sky Yi waved, said Blue Fu, let them go Lan Fu bowed The slaves lead. Jiang Xiaofeng raised his voice said Fang Sister, how are you hurt He holds the blue and Phoenix home life and death, although blue Fu stood on his side, shots can point and Jiang Xiaofeng big hole in the Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K body, but he did not dare to shot. Just listen to Fang Xiu Mei said Blue leader to the drug of the drug, has felt great improvement. Jiang Xiaofeng said That s good, you can go. Chang Ming said Only you personal stay here Jiang Xiaofeng said I want to hurt the blue girl, it is non trade here can not. Kung sun into the Road Let s go The first step and line. Often aware of his scheming, ordinary people and difficult, do not ask, whisper.lhouette flash, Fang Xiumei leap in front, smiles There are food, let s talk about eating Holding Jiang Xiaofeng, a pile of grass among the pedestrians on a piece of white cloth, has long been a good meal, but also chopsticks and taste. Fang Xiaomei side urging Jiang Xiaofeng edible, side said Brother, saw the situation just now, my sister had to change his mind Jiang Xiaofeng stop chopsticks asked how to change it Fang Xiu mei said This method is very risky, in addition to martial arts, but also with a bit of wit and lucky, that is, my sister heard this for decades in rivers and lakes, hundreds of years, rivers and lakes from no such strange, It can be in a very Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K short time, so that everyone for his life, change the enemy as a friend, is the so called change overnight, days is not easy, this thing some weird, so we can not understand, it can not and they resist, Also can not make martial arts fellow believe our words. Jiang Xiaofeng said My sister means Fang Xiumei said Man and the blue man tried to approach, whatever the outcome, to find a clue. Your martial arts, my rivers and lakes experience, coupled with careful, and, blue sky for a long time not found, may have thought that we die, it also gives us a lot of convenience, several aspects of a compact, or an opportunity. Jiang Xiaofeng said My sister said, the younger brother had thought about this file thing, the Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K blue sky under the meaning of the.

ape to cope with the policy, the elders felt, alone in danger, to deal with the tiger ape, although not able to make a monster Tigers, at least reduce the number of Shaolin monks Wei Association. Wang Xiudao I survey the Quartet income, this position seems to be the main theme of the blue sky justice, he originally wanted to Wudang disciples, with the great apes, first and Shaolin monks fight a while, can hurt Shaolin strength, This opportunity, Tudou Wudang person, this is a stone two birds of the plan, but he did not expect we will plant under the flame array, blocking the tiger ape offensive, with Green Pingzi submarine departure, but also to make them some sense of accident , And now more than 100 master, and one hundred tiger ape, and we fire stalemate, neither offensive nor withdrawal, apparently in the blue sky waiting for the command Jiang Xiaofeng then said If the predecessors of the inference is good, they are in retreat, according to the helpless time.Why do not we grab a chance, attack him a defense and not prepared Wang Xiudao war of arms, change Wan, how to deal with the blue sky righteousness, it is not clear, must first understand his Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K intentions, we can arrange a policy against the enemy. Jiang Xiaofeng said Let s everywhere defense, would not the enemy opportunity Wang Xiu laughed Jiang Shaoxia has this high theory, shows Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K the accessible, but tonight the situation is different, Basket home wind In fact, that Jiang Xiaofeng and daughter, there is nothing, I am the night for his guard, it is also to repay his daughter to save the grace of the past. Blue Sky righteous nodded, said Thanksgiving newspaper, that is what should be. Blue family wind seems to father tonight loving look, it seems a big surprise, blinking a bit stars, the relief said Daddy, tonight for me Blue sky righteousness more than a year, I am too harsh for you, and think about the hearts are also feel sad, from now on, the father of you to be better, the world that I have a blue sky, regardless of masterpiece A beautiful daughter, does not the father do not cherish it Blue home wind Oh People say that the world does not hurt the children s parents, it seems really Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K good. Blue sky justice smiles You can know for the parents heart, shows is a very filial daughter. Blue House Phoenix in the blue sky benevolent and fatherly love, almost to rescue Jiang Xiaofeng, and hear the mother died out of the matter, but he is still strong finally endured. Said Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K Daddy dominance Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K will become, the hands of a master like clouds, her daughter Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K to follow the side, but also not much help on the dad. Blue sky justice ah a cry, said You mean Blue home wind The daughter would like to return to the mother side, for her old law enforcement but magic. Fenger, your mother s place, the father of the real do not know, but your saving grace. Fang Xiumei said Although I know Penshi is a hidden field of the martial arts people, but Xue is not much understanding, but can not think she turned out to be a drug treatment of the holy hand, we count back to life. Jiang Xiaofeng then said If the non side girl, Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K how can the next Pan Pan old couple Fang Xiumei suddenly laughed, laughing full of desolate and self deprecating means Jiang Xiaofeng Qi The girl laughs Fang Xiu mei You are a few years Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K old this This one suddenly asked, only heard Jiang Xiaofeng heart for one Shock, but inconvenience does not answer, had to be said In the next Mody, this year 20 years old. Fang Xiumei said I m long your age, called you soon as the little brother, not care big bar. Long breath, then said I know I am unworthy, dignified step of the successor of the Jin Chan, how glorious identity, we are never able to pull together the two people, but was Dantian blue sky meaning, But also coincided with the death of the party we have, the yin and yang of the poor and hit a drug holy hand Xue Erniang, treatment of the body we Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K do not Shi Qi poison, even more clever is Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K the poison in the poison, but also the rest of January time, Thirty days were spent together in the cellar of this Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K dark tide. Night Jiang Xiaofeng said alas, rivers and lakes of the Yin fraud, really is a wave through the clouds and deceitful, Mo speculation, insidious and vicious blue sky justice, but.

Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K d sword, blocking Jiang Xiaofeng Jian Shi, smiles There is a war Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K between the two countries, not cut to make, the next is to send a letter from today. Jiang Xiaofeng said You can count as an author, but also considered a spy, unless you in the hands of the sword, to win over Jiangmou, today just about to leave here. Wu Xiaofeng said It depends on your sword on the attainments, can keep his life, kylie lip kit colors matte copper said Jiang Xiaofeng, Wu half wind suddenly converge the meaning of laughter, said I am not enough to kill the situation, I m afraid to undermine your event. Jiang Xiaofeng sneer, said If you see today, told the blue justice, we must have a bad event. Wu half wind said It seems that even in the next is exhausted, dig Cheng to sue, it is difficult to get your understanding of Jiang Shaoxia. Jiang Xiaofeng said I know you are telling the truth Wu half wind You can not understand, but you can ask Wang Xiu, he should understand that I said is true or false. Jiang Xiaofeng a cry, said Your best not to play that escape the idea. Wang Xiu recalled one, said The older generation, whether he can believe it Wang said Let him go Wu walking near the wind, said Wu Xiong, the world martial arts fellow can see the light of day, all in one fell swoop, Wu Xiong is willing to make the effort to martial arts, with respect it. Wu car wind smiled and said Brothers have long been decided, we will have a period. Leap, people have to, are in the bed side, the pain of suffering out of the light. She in order to protect my daughter, in order to keep hope for the martial arts justice, spent countless efforts, but also endured a lot of humiliation. Ugh Speaking of my mother, really is the world, the first so hard woman, and her life in love, but no one seriously loved her. Jiang Xiaofeng suddenly remembered one thing, said Phoenix girl, the next thought of one thing, say it, I m afraid will be abrupt girl. Blue home wind You do not say, I thought, you want to ask, I know that they are not the daughter of the blue sky justice, right Jiang Xiaofeng said It is this meaning. Blue home wind Road. I am not, you can rest assured. Wang Xiudao The world knows that you are the righteous daughter of the blue sky, you say is not, I m afraid it is difficult Jiaoren believe. Blue home wind Road This matter is very important Jiang Xiaofeng said very important, these days, the next thought a lot of things, feel a person s affair, can not affect Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K the lives and deaths of Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K millions of martial arts event compared to Blue family wind pondered for a while, said You mean I understand that it is my position in your mind, has been less important. Jiang Xiaofeng said In the next hit a Kylie Lip Kit-Posie K metaphor, the girl will understand. Blue home kylie lip kit dolce k et posie k on dark Feng said Listen to listen to it. Jiang Xiaofeng said In the next willing to die for the girl, but if the girl to help make respect for th.